World’s largest charge depot goes live in Amsterdam, will serve 100-e-buses

World’s largest charge depot goes live in Amsterdam, will serve 100-e-buses

In a noteworthy move aimed at making public transport more sustainable in the Netherlands, “world’s largest charge depot” for electric buses has recently gone live in Amsterdam. The one-of-its-kind charge depot for e-buses has now become operational at the Amsterdam airport.

For bringing the charge depot online, Heliox has provided 109 fast-charging stations, which had to be installed simultaneously at two separate charge depots in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The fast-charging stations have an overall charge power of 13 MW.

Around 23 of the fast-charging stations will boast 450 kW charge power, and will be installed at 4 strategic charging points. At these fast charging stations, the battery of e-buses can be charged in less than 4 minutes, with the help of a pantograph used in their roof-mounted systems. Meanwhile, for overnight charging of the battery of the e-buses, Heliox has installed 86 Fast DC dual 30 kW chargers.

The massive charge depot will be able to serve a fleet of 100 electric buses which have been manufactured by VDL Bus & Coach Netherlands. The fleet of buses will be operated by Connexxion (TransDev). These e-buses will offer a 24/7 service on 6 routes around Schiphol Airport.

With reference to the massive charge depot for e-buses, Heliox’s Business Development Director Mark Smidt said, “We are excited to see how the community will appreciate the benefits of e-mobility through using e-buses every day.”