VW may produce next-gen solid-state battery cells for its EVs

VW may produce next-gen solid-state battery cells for its EVs

German automaker Volkswagen (VW) is apparently mulling the option of producing its own battery cells -- possibly the next generation of solid-state battery cells -- for its electric vehicles (EVs).

An indication of its plans for battery-cell production was apparently been given by Volkswagen a few weeks back, when the automaker made an investment in a startup which develops solid-state battery technology. Solid-state batteries are believed to be comparatively much safer than the commonly-used li-ion cells for EVs, and may also potentially have a higher energy density.

Volkswagen is evidently mulling the production of battery cells for its EVs because all Volkswagen’s brands -- including Volkswagen Audi and Porsche, among others -- are targeting a combined production goal of 3 million units of EVs every year by 2025.

Despite the fact that Volkswagen has issued $48 billion worth of battery supply contracts with existing battery manufacturers, Herbert Diess -- CEO of Volkswagen -- recently said during the release of the company’s financial result for the 2018 second quarter that he does not want Volkswagen to rely completely on battery manufacturers.

Asserting that Volkswagen may move towards the production of solid-state batteries for its EVs by 2025, Diess said: “We must not make ourselves dependent on a few Asian manufacturers in the long term.”