Volvo unveils its first fully-electrically-powered truck --- ‘Volvo FL Electric’

Volvo unveils its first fully-electrically-powered truck --- ‘Volvo FL Electric’

Swedish group Volvo Trucks has officially unveiled its first all-electric truck --- the 16-tonne ‘Volvo FL Electric.’ The company has also revealed that the first units of the truck “are now entering regular operation with customers in Gothenburg.”

The unveiling of the ‘Volvo FL Electric’ comes after an earlier-this-year announcement by Volvo that it plans to bring its electric trucks to the road in 2018, and will commence the sales of the electric trucks in 2019.

In unveiling the ‘Volvo FL Electric,’ the automaker said that the electric truck will basically be used for urban distribution and refuse operations. It also added that the electric truck is configurable with different battery packs, to yield a total of 100-300 kWh capacity, so as to offer a maximum range of 300 km (186 miles).

According to some other details shared by Volvo, the electric truck will be equipped with a 185 kW electric motor capable of producing up to 425 Nm torque. The truck will also have max power/130 kW continuous output, two-speed transmission, rear axle, and propeller shaft.

Describing the ‘Volvo FL Electric’ as “the first in a range of fully electrically-powered Volvo trucks ready for regular traffic,” Volvo Trucks’ President Claes Nilsson said that the truck will reach the benefits of “electrified truck transports” to cities aiming for sustainable urban development.