Volvo’s forthcoming all-electric XC90 SUV to come equipped with Lidar technology

Volvo’s forthcoming all-electric XC90 SUV to come equipped with Lidar technology

Volvo Group, a multinational automobile company headquartered in the Gothenburg city of Sweden, has announced that all trims of the forthcoming XC90 all-electric SUV will come equipped with Lidar as a standard safety feature.

Lidar stands for “Light Detection and Ranging,” which is a comparatively new technology that measures the distance of an object by throwing beams of light at the object and use the time and wavelength of the reflected beam of light to estimate the distance. This technology is becoming increasingly popular among automobile companies as they are trying to add driver-assisting features.

The Volvo XC90 all-electric SUV will come equipped with Lidar sensors developed by Luminar, and the Swedish carmaker hopes the addition of this technology would help it set a new standard in vehicle safety. The addition of the Lidar technology as a standard feature in the XC90 SUV is also being seen as a part of Volvo’s part to produce autonomous vehicles sometime in the future.

In March this year, Volvo introduced the world to its C40 Recharge Pure Electric, which is crossover version of the XC40 Pure Electric CUV. The automobile manufacturer also revealed that it would sell its EVs via online ordering only, with deliveries to customers set for early 2022.

Volvo believes that the Lidar technology developed by Luminar in addition to a NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-powered autonomous driving computer will help it make its vehicles less prone to potential collisions on the road; thus trimming down fatalities and other injuries to passengers.

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo, said, “Volvo Cars is and always has been a leader in safety. It will now define the next level of car safety. By having this hardware as standard, we can continuously improve safety features over the air and introduce advanced autonomous drive systems, reinforcing our leadership in safety.”

Besides the abovementioned sensor suite and AI computing technology, Volvo’s upcoming all-electric XC90 SUV will come equipped with innovative backup systems for various key functions, such as steering and braking.

The Swedish manufacturer has also announced that the fully-electric XC90 SUV will also make debut sometime later next year. One can easily assume that the XC90 will be called to XC90 Recharge Pure Electric; following suit the electrified trims of the C40 and XC40. However, no such confirmation has come from the side of the manufacturer.