ViaVan launches on-demand ride-sharing service in London

ViaVan launches on-demand ride-sharing service in London

According to a recent press release from Daimler, ViaVan on-demand ride-sharing service has been launched in London. The UK launch of the service comes almost a month after the service was successfully launched in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in March.

ViaVan is a joint venture between the US-based firm Via and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

In announcing the launch of ViaVan ride-sharing service in London, Daimler said that efforts are now underway to launch the service in several European cities, including Berlin in Germany, within the near- to mid-term. Those launches are presently held up because the required permits for the service are still pending.

With the ViaVan ride-sharing service now launched in London, the service can be availed by commuters at an affordable introductory price of £3.00 in Zone 1 and Zone 2 where the service is currently being offered. The two mentioned zones roughly represent central London.

ViaVan ride-sharing service is a comparatively inexpensive alternative to taxi service in London, especially for commuters who are in the need of a mobility service other than mass transit. The ViaVan service operates in such a way that passengers who request rides are asked to reach the closest dedicated (virtual) stops for pickup by a professional driver. Other passengers who request rides along similar routes or to similar destinations are picked up along the way.