Vauxhall confirms ‘eCorsa’ release date and design

Vauxhall confirms ‘eCorsa’ release date and design

According to the indications from a recently-leaked image, car manufacturer Vauxhall has confirmed the release date and design of a new electrified version of its popular Corsa hatchback. The new electric car to be build by Vauxhall will be called ‘eCorsa.’

Along with its recent announcement of the ‘eCorsa’ name for its new electric vehicle (EV), Vauxhall has also revealed that it is also planning to launch a new version of the standard combustion-engine Corsa.

Going by the indication from the leaked image, the eCorsa will be launched with a bold new design. The EV is expected to hit the markets in 2019.

The leaked image has also revealed that the size, shape and design of the Vauxhall eCorsa will be fairly similar to that of the Corsa hatchback. However, certain features of eCorsa, including a faux grille, will indicate that it is an EV.

In addition, the eCorsa will also apparently have a comprehensively updated front end, a redesigned grille, a totally re-imagined bumper, a sharp new headlight design signature, and a shorter yet taller bonnet with muscular lines across it.

However, despite the evident indications of the eCorsa design from the leaked image, Vauxhall has not yet officially announced whether or not the standard car will actually feature all of the anticipated design choices.