Unagi Model Eleven e-scooter offers blend of style and technology

UUnagi Model Eleven e-scooter offers blend of style and technology

There is no dearth of standing electric scooters (e-scooters) in the market but only a few are able to meet commuters’ expectations. Now, a startup called Unagi Scooters has unveiled a technologically advanced kick e-scooter dubbed “Model Eleven” that claims to have the ability to stand out from the crowd.

David Hyman, chief executive officer (CEO) of Unagi Scooters, described the Model Eleven as the world’s “most intelligent” e-scooter, thanks to its technologically advanced features. Designed by famous Swiss designer Yves Béhar, the Model Eleven boasts a sleek design with flowing lines. Its overall design language is so unique that it appears to be a work of art, rather than a serviceable appliance for daily commute.

The Model Eleven has a carbon-fiber body and dual suspension system to offer a hassle free smooth ride. Its electric motor is powerful enough to enable it to run at a top speed of around 20 miles per hour (mph), which is not bad considering the fact that it is a standing e-scooter designed particularly for personal urban mobility.

In addition, the new e-scooter has been equipped with advanced technology that is normally found only in high quality motorcycles. With an array of integrated systems, the e-scooter is able to provide a seamless and safe riding experience to riders. It allows users to link their smartphones via Bluetooth to perform various functions, including GPS tracking. It also comes loaded with anti-theft alarm system.

It is, in fact, first standing e-scooter to come equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It makes use of optical sensors to detect objects or any kind of hazards on the road and warn the rider about the possible collision.

Explaining the technology, the company said, “The Model Eleven knows the difference between a stoplight, stop sign, person, car or inanimate object, and provides both audible warnings with its integrated audio system, as well as visual warnings on the display.”

Moreover, Unagi has equipped with its proprietary “Crash Assist AI” technology, which enables it to detect any moving object when it comes close to it. In case an upcoming collision is imminent, the e-scooter’s alert system alerts the rider using its full-color display and speaker system.

The world’s technically advanced e-scooter, obviously, comes with a hefty price tag. The base model of the Unagi Model Eleven retails for $2,550, plus $278 for optional Crash Assist technology.