UK report: Government must act faster to reduce CO2 emissions

UK report: Government must act faster to reduce CO2 emissions

According to a recent report issued by the UK Committee on Climate Change, faster actions are required by the government to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the roads, in homes and in farming.

The report has highlighted the fact that the Climate Change issue is apparently being avoided by the politicians; and has warned that the bill for Climate Change will probably have to be picked by young people.

The advisers have markedly said in the report that if the politicians fail to take timely actions in reducing CO2 emissions, the younger generation will have to face a ‘heating world’ in which the costs of curbing emissions would be quite substantial.

Against the backdrop of the apparent lack of progress in the UK in terms of cutting the CO2 emissions, the advisers said that they are “acutely concerned” that the emissions are causing an overheating of the planet.

However, while the Committee has said in the report that emissions cuts in the UK have effectively stalled in the last five years despite a good start initially made by the country with the power industry, the government has reiterated its commitment to being a world leader on climate change. In addition, the government has also revealed that it will soon introduce its low-carbon transport plan.