Uganda cabinet approves Kiira Electronic Vehicle Project

Uganda cabinet approves Kiira Electronic Vehicle Project

In a recent statement, the Uganda cabinet has revealed that it has given its go-ahead to the Kiira Electronic Vehicle Project. The project underscores a plan for commercial production of electric vehicles (EVs).

According to the authorities in Uganda - the third-largest economy in east Africa - Kiira Electronic Vehicle Project which has received the cabinet’s approval highlights a very significant plan for commercially producing EVs; a plan which has the potential to give Uganda a noteworthy lead in terms of innovation in the EV industry in Africa.

Going by the details shared by the Uganda cabinet, the key objective of the Kiira Electronic Vehicle Project is to encourage businesses to invest their money in the production of vehicle parts.

In addition, the project will also aim at increasing the demand for natural resources, as well as creating over 2,000 direct jobs.

The Uganda government will pursue the Kiira Electronic Vehicle Project through Kiira Motors Corp., a joint venture of the government and Makerere University in Kampala, the country’s capital. Kiira Motors already has some achievements to its credit; with the company’s website claiming that it designed the first electric car in Africa in 2011, its first hybrid car in 2014, and a solar bus in 2016.