Tritium launches its new EU headquarters in The Netherlands

Tritium launches its new EU headquarters in The Netherlands

According to a press release from Tritium, the Australia-based fast-charger supplying company has launched its new European Headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The move will enable Tritium to gain a potential lead in the fast-charger segment.

The launch of Tritium’s new EU headquarters in Amsterdam will give the company the ability to leverage its business in Europe. Tritium has already managed to attain a 20% market share in Europe in barely four years, and is also gaining ground in North America.

With Tritium having already supplied more than 50% of the DC fast charging units which are currently operational in Norway, the company’s new EU headquarters in Amsterdam will essentially allow it to take its service, sales, support, training and testing closer to customers.

According to the details shared by Tritium, one of the key features of the company’s Amsterdam site is its ‘in confidence’ testing centre, which will be available for use by automakers.

Highlighting the fact that Tritium’s new facility in Amsterdam “has the capability to customize its product range to meet local market needs and specific customer requirements,” the company said in the press release: “The facility will be the centre for its sales programme across the territory and also house a state-of-the-art training and accreditation unit for technical servicing and customer support.”