Toyota releases first pictures of next-gen model of Mirai fuel cell sedan

Toyota releases first pictures of next-gen model of Mirai fuel cell sedan

Japanese automaker Toyota has recently released the first pictures of the forthcoming second-generation model of its Mirai fuel cell sedan --- the Mirai Concept. The next-generation edition of the Mirai is scheduled for launch in Japan, Europe, and North America in 2020.

The pictures of the Mirai Concept have been released by Toyota ahead of the official presentation of the preview of the vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. The pictures reveal the 4.975-metre long, 1.88- metre wide and 1.47-metre high Mirai Concept, which appears to be close to series production.

The Mirai Concept to be displayed by Toyota at its booth at the motor show will essentially highlight the new design of the next-generation Mirai, which may include some technology changes as compared to the current Mirai model.

The technical specifications of the new Mirai have not yet been fully disclosed by Toyota. Nonetheless, going by reports, the next-generation model of the Mirai will be based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), capable of hosting different drive forms. The new Mirai will also have rear-wheel-drive rather than a front-wheel drive like the current Mirai model.

Toyota has said that the next-generation Mirai will feature bigger hydrogen tanks, with optimized fuel cell drive. The projected range of the new Mirai is 650 km, which will significantly higher than the 500 km range of the current Mirai.