Toyota to electrify C-HR hatchback for Chinese market

Toyota to electrify C-HR hatchback for Chinese market

In an announcement made at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show last week, Japanese automaker Toyota said that it will be launching its third electric car for the Chinese market. Instead of developing new electric vehicles, many automobile companies are also considering making changes to existing vehicles to make them electric. The strategy can help in cost-cutting for development of electric vehicles and also offers marketing benefits as the existing vehicles already have a consumer base.

Toyota already offers the plug-in Corolla and Levin sedans in China. With plug-in models accounting for 40 percent of the automaker’s sales in the country in 2017, it is apparent that Chinese customers are keen on having a wide range of choices in terms of electric vehicle models.

Against the backdrop of the announcement made by Toyota about a new China-centric electric car, British car magazine AutoCar has revealed in a recent report that the automaker’s third electric vehicle for China will be an electrified version of its C-HR hatchback.

However, since no information about the C-HR electric car for Chinese market has officially been shared by Toyota, the details about the power of the vehicle and its battery range are not known as of now.

The C-HR electric car to be launched by Toyota for China will basically compete with the Honda Everus electric car which is based on the HR-V. Honda also unveiled its Everus electric at the Beijing Auto Show, and has announced that the vehicle will go on sale by the end of 2018.