Tesla will shut down Model 3 production for 10 days in 2018 Q2

Tesla will shut down Model 3 production for 10 days in 2018 Q2

In its recent Q1 2018 Update Letter, Tesla Motors has revealed that the production of its Model 3 all-electric compact sedan will likely be shut down temporarily, for around 10 days, sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The expected 10-day shutdown of Model 3 production by Tesla in the second quarter is apparently a planned move aimed at addressing production bottlenecks as well as preparing the automaker’s manufacturing facilities for a notable increase in production.

With Tesla having previously shuttered the Model 3 production at its Fremont, California, factory for a few days in April to focus on Model 3 ramp, the forthcoming shutdown will mark another incremental move towards Model 3 mass production.

About the impending Model 3 production shut down temporarily in second quarter, Tesla said in its Q1 Update letter that the upcoming shutdown will include the April shutdown. During that shutdown, Tesla had apparently installed a “comprehensive set of upgrades” to Model 3, to achieve a projected goal of increasing the vehicle’s production rate to 3,000 units per week.

According to Tesla Motors official statement, the 10-day shutdown in second quarter will give the company the time to “address bottlenecks across the lines and increase production to new levels.” Tesla also announced that it is targeting the production of “approximately 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week in about two months.”