Tesla updates Powerwall 2 with ‘Advanced Time-based control’ feature

Tesla updates Powerwall 2 with ‘Advanced Time-based control’ feature

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has recently rolled out a much-awaited software update for its Powerwall 2 home battery pack.

The updated software of Powerwall 2 gives homeowners the ability to benefit better from variable energy costs, because time-based controls can now be scheduled by the homeowners for their home battery packs.

To enable homeowners, especially those who live in regions with variable energy rates based on demand, to control the charging and discharging of their home battery packs, Tesla has updated Powerwall 2 with a new feature called ‘Advanced Time-based control.’ The new feature released for Powerwall 2 via the software update is available under a new section in mobile app for the home battery pack.

The new ‘Advanced Time-based control’ feature of Powerwall 2 will be particularly useful in areas where variable rates are offered by electric utilities. With the help of the new feature, Powerwall 2 users will be able to minimize their cost by charging the home battery pack when the rates are low, and discharging it during higher-rate periods.

In addition, the new feature rolled out to the Powerwall 2 home battery pack will also be notably useful for homeowners in areas where there is a huge margin between peak hours and off-peak hours.