Tesla updates Model 3 design studio; adds new options, changes pricing

Tesla updates Model 3 design studio; adds new options, changes pricing

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has recently made a number of changes to the Model 3 design studio. The changes mark the addition of new Model 3 options, as well as new (reduced) pricing of the Dual Motor and the Performance version of the electric car.

Moreover, Tesla Motors has also made a change to some of the delivery timelines for the Model 3. The automaker has also announced that Dual Motor and Performance versions of Model 3 can now be ordered by consumers in Canada.

As a result of the changed pricing announced by Tesla Motors, Dual Motor version of the Model 3 will be a $4,000 option, instead of a $5,000 option as is the case with Model S. Hence, the cost of the vehicle with the Long Range battery pack will begin at $53,000.

The base price of the Model 3 Performance version has also come down from $78,000 to only $64,000, because some more features have now been made optional by Tesla.

Meanwhile, the new Model 3 color options resulting from the design studio update include the availability of the white interior for the Performance version, as a $1,500 option over the standard black interior.

Finally, due to the changes made to Model 3 delivery timelines, Tesla’s priority has shifted to the Performance version, which will now have a delivery window of 2-4 months after the confirming of the order.

While Tesla Motors is having a strong fan-following, the company will have to deal with pricing as it faces competition from other automobile companies planning to enter fast-growing electric vehicle segment. In future, innovative features and pricing will be the key for Tesla’s success. Under Elon Musk’s leadership, Tesla has always positively surprised its followers with interesting and innovative features.