Tesla shares Model 3 Dual Motor Estimated Price and Specifications

Tesla shares Model 3 Dual Motor Estimated Price and Specifications

Tesla Motors shared important details and estimated price for dual motor Tesla Model 3 electric car which will be available in two versions, as per information shared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In a series of posts on Twitter, Musk informed that Model 3 Dual Motor version would feature 310-mile range, 155 mph as top speed and will be faster than any other car in the segment. Tesla Motors has pushed the limits in its earlier models as well in terms of range and speed of cars.

Musk added that the all-wheel drive (AWD) performance Model 3 will cost $78,000 while the normal dual-motor Model 3 will cost less. The all-wheel drive performance model would reach 0-60 in 3.5 seconds while normal dual-motor model would take 4.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60. The normal model would feature top speed of 140 miles per hour.

Musk informed that Model 3 performance model would be 15 percent faster than BMW M3 and will offer better handling experience. Customers will have black and white interior options, 20-inch performance wheels and carbon fiber spoiler. Tesla fans have been waiting for more details from Musk regarding Model 3 dual motor variant.

In the recent weeks, Tesla has increased production numbers for Model 3. The company was facing issues in improving its production numbers and investors were worried about Tesla’s ability to deliver on its promises. Tesla stock touched yearly lows recently but has recovered smartly after the company released delivery numbers for Model 3. The mass-market Model 3 electric vehicle has high demand due to its affordable price tag. While Tesla has been burning cash during the recent quarters, Musk announced that Tesla will be cash positive in the second half of current year.

In his reply to a query about Model 3 performance version, Musk said, “AC induction front & switched reluctance, partial permanent magnet rear. Silicon Carbide inverters in both. Performance drive units are lot sorted for highest sigma output & get double the burn-in.”

Commenting on Musk’s latest tweets regarding Model 3 AWD dual motor version, electric cars blog Electrek said, “Despite the slightly higher price than anticipated and the lack of a range increase, this will most likely result in a surge of Model 3 reservation holders placing orders as many were waiting for those new options.”

As per the specifications shared by Musk, both the models will feature the following.

Model 3 Dual Motor AWD (Long Range)

$54,000 (without Autopilot)
0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds
140 mph top speed
Range: 310 miles

Model 3 Performance

$78,000 (without Autopilot)
0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
155 mph top speed
Range: 310 miles

Autopilot upgrade can be added for $5,000. Both the variants can have other upgrades which Tesla will share in official communication later.

Musk has 21.8 million followers on Twitter and he shares most of his interesting snippets on Twitter. Tesla stock is down by nearly 11 percent this year but with positive news coming from Tesla Motors regarding production numbers, investors will again be holding tight to their stake in Tesla.