Tesla’s patent application hints at HVAC system in future Model S, X versions

Tesla’s patent application hints at HVAC system in future Model S, X versions

An international patent application filed by US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors hints at the possibility of the company’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system coming aboard the future versions of its Model S and Model X vehicles.

The 52-page patent, first noticed by Tesla news-focussed website Teslarati, refers to Tesla’s international patent application, WO2018106351. The patent features several illustrations which apparently show the integration of the HVAC system in the dash of an unnamed Tesla model.

The HVAC system is an innovative feature which was first introduced by Tesla in its Model 3 mid-sized electric sedan. The HVAC system is controlled via the vehicle’s 15-inch screen, and it sends highly configurable flow of air through a thin strip which runs the entire length of the dash.

The WO2018106351patent by Tesla indicates that the basic components which make the HVAC system a special feature on Model 3 will apparently be used by the automaker in its future models.

The HVAC system has been explained in detail by Tesla in its international patent application. However, in brief, the information provided in the patent reveals that the new version of the HVAC system will have the air outflow broken up between two main strips positioned in front of the passengers. Moreover, as compared to the HVAC set-up in Model 3, the forthcoming iteration of the system will have slightly more complex mechanisms inside of the structure.