Tesla releases new software update for its electric cars

Tesla releases new software update for its electric cars

US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has begun the rollout of a new software update -- ‘2018.24’ -- to its fleet of electric cars this week. The new update brings some new features to the Model S and Model X, but is a notably important update for the Model 3.

The new software update is being rolled out gradually by Tesla to its customer fleet. Hence, it may take some time for all Tesla owners to get the update.

According to reports, the owners of Model 3 vehicles getting the new software update will now have access the ‘Summon’ feature of Autopilot. The feature -- already available on the Model S and Model X vehicles -- gives the drivers the ability to move their vehicles in and out of a parking space from outside the vehicles, with the help of the mobile app or the key.

In addition to giving the Model 3 vehicles the access to Autopilot’s Summon feature, the new software update released by Tesla also brings WiFi access to Model 3, to make it easier for the owners of the vehicles to download future software updates.

Finally, the update also gives Model 3 the Cabin Overheat Protection feature, similar to the Model S and Model X. The feature, when active, ensures that the vehicle’s interior temperature does not exceed 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after the drivers exit their vehicle.