Tesla is now using Autopilot cameras of Model 3 to collect self-driving data

Tesla is now using Autopilot cameras of Model 3 to collect self-driving data

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has added its Model 3 electric car to its Autopilot data collection program. The move gives the automaker the ability to gather self-driving data with the help of the Autopilot cameras installed in Model 3.

The addition of Model 3 to the Autopilot data collection program underscores an evident effort by Tesla to push for self-driving data. The data is considered to be crucial for automakers striving to bring self-driving vehicles to market because it will eventually help automakers to develop the safest possible self-driving vehicles.

Tesla has a massive fleet of sensors-equipped vehicles currently running on the roads worldwide. The company started gathering self-driving data from its vehicles in May 2017, when it began collecting video clips from Model S and Model X cars which are equipped with the Autopilot 2.0 hardware suite.

With Model 3 now being added by Tesla to its data-gathering attempts, the company has said in a warning to Model 3 owners that it has rolled out an update which enables it to collect self-driving data using the Autopilot cameras of their vehicles. However, Model 3 owners have been given the option of opting out of the data collection program.

About its data gathering effort, Tesla has said in a request to Model 3 owners, “We are working hard to improve autonomous safety features and make self-driving a reality for you as soon as possible.”