Tesla Model 3 production rate has hit ‘500 units per day’ mark this week

Tesla Model 3 production rate has hit ‘500 units per day’ mark this week

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has told Tesla employees via a recent email that Model 3 production ramp has recorded some noteworthy progress this week. The report was first published by electric vehicle magazine Electrek.

According to the information shared by Musk with Tesla employees, Model 3 production capacity at a line experiencing some issues has hit a new record. He further told the employees that the anticipated Model 3 production rate of ‘500 units per day’ has been achieved by the company this week.

The mentioned target for Model 3 production has been reached by Tesla Motors a few days after Musk had told the company’s employees in an earlier email that it was ‘quite likely’ that Tesla’s Model 3 production across all production zones will surpass the ‘500 vehicles per day’ milestone soon. Bloomberg is tracking Tesla’s Model 3 production numbers closely as investors are quite concerned about Tesla’s ability to fulfil nearly half million orders for its mass-market electric vehicle.

In the more recent email, Musk has congratulated Tesla employees on the company’s achievement of “a big milestone.” Musk said in the email that Tesla has, for the first time, “been able to run at a rate of 500/day or an extrapolated 3500 customer deliverable cars per week.”

With Tesla running the Model 3 production 24/7, the weekly production of the car has reached 3,500 units. The company is targeting a Model 3 production rate of 5,000 units per week by the end of the April-June 2018 quarter.