Tesla hits new production record in Q3 with ~80,000 vehicles produced

Tesla hits new production record in Q3 with ~80,000 vehicles produced

According to EV magazine Electrek report, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has hit a new production record in the 2018 third quarter. The company has reportedly produced a record high number of ~80,000 vehicles during the quarter.

The Electrek report is based on the information shared by an unidentified source familiar with the production of vehicles at Tesla. The source had earlier revealed that Model 3 production target for the record July-September quarter had been achieved by Tesla, two days before the end of the end of the quarter.

Going by the latest details disclosed by the Electrek source, Tesla produced a total of around 80,000 vehicles in the July-September quarter, with the number of vehicles produced by the company in the last two and half days of the quarter being more than 2,000 units.

With Tesla likely to release its third-quarter production numbers soon, it is projected that the figures reported by Electrek may be slightly off by around 1-2 percent, depending on how the automaker will disclose the data (rolled off the line, factory gated, etc).

Meanwhile, so far as the Model 3 production is concerned, the vehicle accounted for approximately 53,000 units in the overall total of the 80,000 units produced by the automaker during the third quarter. On the whole, Tesla’s total production in the third quarter was nearly equal to its combined total production in the first and second quarter of 2018.