Tesla hires Volvo’s Senior Exterior Designer Ian Kettle

Tesla hires Volvo’s Senior Exterior Designer Ian Kettle

According to EV magazine Electrek report, US electric vehicle maker Tesla has hired Swedish automaker Volvo’s Senior Exterior Designer Ian Kettle, in a new role at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles.

Tesla’s move to hire Kettle comes at a time when the automaker is working on a number of electric vehicle programs for the future. The most notable among these programs are the forthcoming Model Y, the Tesla Pickup truck, an exterior upgrade of Model S/X, and next-gen Roadster’s production version.

Kettle is Tesla’s second senior design-related employee poached from Volvo. Previously, in 2016, Volvo’s Interior Engineering chief was hired by Tesla for improving its interior quality.

The hiring of Kettle by Tesla will unfold several new opportunities for the high-profile executive in terms of working on the Tesla’s forthcoming exterior designs. Kettle had a 6-year stint at Volvo, and is chiefly known for leading the exterior design of Volvo’s much-praised XC40 SUV which will be a Tesla Model Y competitor.

As per the Electrek report, Kettle has joined the Tesla Design team which is spearheaded by the company’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and its longtime Exterior Design Manager Bernard Lee. As the new senior car designer at Tesla, Kettle has joined the company’s other exterior car designers, including ex-Porsche executive Julien Bilodeau and ex-Mazda executive WooTak Kim.