Tesla has reportedly sent RFI to auto suppliers about Model Y parts

Tesla has reportedly sent RFI to auto suppliers about Model Y parts

According to latest Reuters report, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is apparently targeting the production of Model Y in November 2019. The report implies that the company is aggressively following its future plans amidst the massive rollout of Model 3 electric vehicle (EV). With Model 3 production delays, Tesla Motors is facing pressure on its other vehicles.

In noting that there seems to be no slow down in Tesla’s EV plans for the future, Reuters has revealed in the recent report that Tesla has sent a Request for Information (RFI) to automotive suppliers with regard to auto parts for Model Y. The RFI has been sent by Tesla to fetch competitive bids from suppliers for Model Y parts.

The reported move by Tesla Motors to send a Model Y parts-related RFI to automotive suppliers marks one of the basic early steps in the forthcoming EV’s production process, which is scheduled to commence in around 18 months from now.

The RFI which automotive suppliers have received from Tesla does not include much information pertaining to proposed volumes of Model Y. However, Tesla had revealed in an earlier statement that it is planning to produce almost as many units of the upcoming Model Y as of Model 3.

With Tesla targeting a sales figure of approximately half a million Model 3 units per year at full production, it can be assumed that the company also plans to produce half a million Model Y units per year.