Tesla to debut Model 3 at 2018 Beijing Auto Show, ahead of official launch in China

Tesla to debut Model 3 at 2018 Beijing Auto Show, ahead of official launch in China

Tesla Model 3 has remained the most-sought after vehicle as the company offered feature-rich electric vehicle in affordable range. US-based EV manufacturer Tesla Motors will be introducing its Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, prior to officially launching the vehicle in China.

The indication that Tesla Motors is bringing Model 3 to the Auto Show has come from the automaker’s booth photos which have recently been leaked on Chinese websites. It is for the first time that Tesla is bringing the Model 3 officially in China, even though some US Model 3 vehicles have reportedly been imported by a few private citizens in China.

Tesla’s decision to debut the Model 3 at the Auto Show comes against the backdrop of the fact that the automaker may soon get an authorization from the Chinese government for manufacturing the vehicle in the country. China has also changed regulation regarding foreign automobile company holdings in the country and Tesla could be one the main beneficiaries of the policy change.

However, despite the reportedly impending debut of the Model 3 at the Auto Show this week, the official launch of the vehicle in the Chinese market is not likely to happen before 2019.

When the Model 3 officially hits the markets in China, it will initially be available as a US import, similar to Model S and Model X vehicles. But, Tesla will apparently move to the manufacturing of the vehicle in China itself, so as avoid logistic costs and import duties, and make the vehicle available in the fast-growing Asian market at a reduced price. China has witnessed impressive growth in sales of electric vehicles as the government offers subsidy for customers and many other benefits for automobile companies.