Tesla brings one of its Semi electric-truck prototypes to Fremont factory

Tesla brings one of its Semi electric-truck prototypes to Fremont factory

US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors launched a test program for its Tesla Semi earlier in 2018 and, in the recent months, the automaker has been touring the two known Semi prototypes around the country. The production of the electric truck will likely be commenced by Tesla Motors in 2019.

According to reports, one of the Tesla Semi prototypes recently showed up at Fremont factory. The appearance of electric truck at the factory led to a lot of excitement among the employees who got an excellent chance to see the electric truck up close.

About the Semi test program, Tesla has said that the program has enabled it to see a lot more potential for improving the truck’s already insane specifications which the automaker had announced in 2017.

In terms of improvements, Tesla CEO Elon Musk informed that on the basis of the results of a few tests, range of the production version of Semi electric truck will be closer to 600 miles rather than the previously announced range of 500 miles.

There have been apprehensions about whether Tesla will be able to deliver the astounding performance specifications in the Semi production version. However, people who have had the opportunity to experience the electric truck have claimed that Tesla has delivered what it is promising at its announced price point for the truck --- $150,000 for the 300-mile version, and $180,000 for the 500-mile range version.