Tesla announces new initiatives to improve service in Norway

Tesla announces new initiatives to improve service in Norway

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has announced the launch of a series of new initiatives in Norway to address the service-related issues faced by Tesla customers in the country. In Europe, Tesla has received strong consumer response in Norway.

The move is significant because Norway is one of Tesla’s most important markets for its electric vehicles. Tesla’s decision to launch several new initiates for fixing service issues is apparently a result of a last-moth report that which highlighted some important Tesla service issues in Norway and other countries.

In an evident effort to improve its service for Norwegian customers, Tesla now plans to spend more money to improve the current situation. For that purpose, the company has now launched some new initiatives.

In a recent email dispatched to the owners of Tesla vehicles in service in Norway, Tesla said that the company’s service team in Norway has received instructions from CEO Elon Musk to do “everything they can” to provide an outstanding service experience to Tesla customers in the country.

According to the email, the new service-focused initiatives which Tesla has launched in Norway include the expansion of the service team by 30% in 2018, extending the opening hours of selected service centers, starting new shifts at some service stations, and increasing the number of Mobile Service vehicles. Tesla specifically said in the email: “We will be servicing your car and request that you continue to contact our existing service centers and the support team if you need assistance.”