Tesla and GM battle for dominance in mid-sized, middle-class EV market

Tesla and GM battle for dominance in mid-sized, middle-class EV market

California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is facing strong competition from Detroit automaker General Motors (GM) in the mid-sized, middle-class electric vehicle (EV) market.

Despite the fact that Tesla has thus far dominated the EV market in the high-end segment, the company introduced its Model 3 four-door EV with starting cost of nearly $36,000 (before tax breaks) two years back. But Tesla Motors has been facing persistent production delays for the vehicle.

While Tesla is falling short of its targets in terms of Model 3 production, GM has been recoding a significant increase in the deliveries of its Chevrolet Bolt --- a four-door EV (hatchback) which is comparably sized to the Tesla Model 3, and has a similar base price.

General Motors managed to get the Bolt EV to the dealerships ahead of Tesla’s Model 3; thereby giving potential EV buyers a mid-sized electric car. Chevy Bolt has a longer range of 238 miles per charge, as compared to Tesla Model 3’s range of 220 miles per charge.

In the wake of the intensifying rivalry between Tesla and GM in the mid-sized, middle-class EV segment, Navigant Research’s transportation analyst Scott Shepard told Seeker: “Tesla’s position is better, because they’ve proven there is significant demand for the technology generally.” Meanwhile, reviewers like Consumer Reports have lauded the Bolt EV, and have asserted that the vehicle is “shockingly good.”