TCI Transportation places order for 50 Tesla electric Semi Trucks

TCI Transportation places order for 50 Tesla electric Semi Trucks

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has received one of the biggest orders thus far for its electric Semi truck --- 50 units of the truck have been ordered by TCI Transportation, a leading truck renting and leasing company in California.

TCI Transportation operates a fleet of vehicles which comprise more than 2,000 trucks, tractors and trailers. These vehicles are rented or leased by the company to customers.

The 50 Tesla Semi truck order placed by TCI Transportation comes after some other big orders already bagged by Tesla Motors, including UPS’ order of 125 units of Tesla Semi; an order of 50 units of the truck from Bee’ah; and FedEx’s order of 20 units.

The Tesla Semi was unveiled last week. While introducing the Semi Truck, Tesla said that the truck will be available in two versions --- one with a 300-mile range, priced at $150,000; and the other with a 500-mile range, priced at $180,000. Besides these two versions, there will also be a ‘Founders Series’ version of the truck, which will cost $200,000. The production of the Semi truck will be commenced by Tesla in 2019.

In accordance with the pricing details shared by Tesla for its electric Semi truck, the total worth of the order of 50 trucks from TCI Transportation will be between $7.5 million and $9 million.