Survey finds that UK motorists are reluctant to switch to EVs

Survey finds that UK motorists are reluctant to switch to EVs

A new survey carried out by Venson Automotive Solutions has drawn attention to the apparent reluctance of UK motorists in terms of making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs).

The findings of the survey -- involving 200 participants -- are noteworthy, especially as they highlight the fact that UK motorists are unenthusiastic about EVs even though several new EV models have been announced for launch in the country. In addition, the government has also rolled out initiatives for supporting EV adoption by an increasing number of drivers.

According to an Oil Price report, merely 15% of the survey participants expressed the desire to go in for an EV or hybrid vehicle when they buy their next car or choose an alternative company vehicle. However, when cost of ownership of EVs will drop in near future, many customers will seriously think about switching to electric vehicles. As majority of automobile companies have announced their plans to stop production of diesel vehicles, customers will have more options in electric or hybrid segment.

Surprisingly, nearly 50 percent of the survey participants said that they would probably not consider the option of switching to an EV or a hybrid vehicle for at least the next 10-15 years, possibly longer.

The two main reasons for the evident unwillingness of UK motorists to purchase or choose a company EV or hybrid vehicle are the limited mileage range of EVs and the lack of adequate charging points in the UK.

Against that backdrop, Venson Automotive Solutions’ director Alison Bell said that the “bold” plans of the UK government to increase the number of zero and ultra-low emissions vehicles in the country “must be supported by the industry and the general public equally.”