Solar-powered yacht displayed at International Boat Show

Solar-powered yacht displayed at International Boat Show

At the Palm Beach International Boat Show held this past weekend, a 75-foot, solar-powered yacht was displayed by Solarwave Yachts. The yacht, which was brought from Spain for display at the show, is named The Silent 75.

The yacht is being referred to, in some reports, as ‘the Tesla of the Seas’ because it relies on solar energy. It is equipped with a total of 42 solar panels, each having 96 cells. The solar panels of the yacht charge the batteries which power everything on it --- the propulsion system, the three bedrooms, the kitchen, and everything else!

As compared to ordinary yachts, The Silent 75 solar-powered yacht is a noiseless and vibration-free boat. It also eliminates several other infuriating problems associated with normal yachts, such as the fumes of the diesel engine, black greasy layer on the water, and high motor maintenance costs.

Sharing information about the yacht, Solarwave Yachts CEO Michael Köhler said that the motor of the yacht has the capability to be maintenance-free for 50-thousand hours. Köhler further explained that “even our grandchildren won't have to change the bearings” of the yacht’s motor because of which the yacht “can go forever.”

The Silent 75 is a multi-million dollar yacht which will have fully customizable interiors. The yacht will have a whopping price-tag of approximately $3.1 million.