Sergio Marchionne: Ferrari is testing new gasoline-battery hybrid at its Italy track

Sergio Marchionne: Ferrari is testing new gasoline-battery hybrid at its Italy track

During the course of a recent interaction with Bloomberg Television, Sergio Marchionne -- the Chief Executive of Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler -- revealed that a new gasoline-battery hybrid is being tested by Ferrari at its track near Maranello, Italy. The announcement underscores that fact that, after being sceptical about electric cars for years, Ferrari is rethinking its potential prospects in the rapidly emerging market.

The disclosure by Marchionne that Ferrari is testing an electric supercar is highly noteworthy because, in the past several years, the top executive at the automaker has sometimes sounded disdainful while referring to electric cars in his comments. Electric car market has witnessed lot of interest from major automobile companies.

In Europe, automobile companies are rethinking their strategy as many governments have planned to phase out diesel vehicles in near future. German politicians have recently raised the issue of electric vehicles and urged German automobile companies to consider serious investment in EV segment. While the European companies are still lagging behind in EV segment, the latest trends suggest that they are trying to catch up.

At a January 2018 press conference, Marchionne had said electric vehicles (EVs) are not worth the automakers’ investment. Before that, in October 2017, he had said that the analysis that the use of EVs will apparently help save the planet is “nonsense,” and had further elaborated that electricity for powering EV batteries comes from polluting sources.

However, hinting at Ferrari’s recent turnaround on its EV stance, Marchionne told Bloomberg Television that the EVs which Ferrari is working on will exhibit “the full power of electrification.”

Marchionne further added that hybrid technology will be available from Ferrari in 2019, when it will power the first-ever SUV from the company. He also asserted that the SUV from Ferrari will be the fastest SUV on the market.