Scotland has one of the best-developed EV infrastructures in the UK

Scotland has one of the best-developed EV infrastructures in the UK

A new analysis by HSBC Commercial Banking has revealed that the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in Scotland is one of the best-developed, publicly-funded EV infrastructures in the UK.

In applauding Scotland for its well-developed EV infrastructure, HSBC has also pointed out that more investment, especially from the private sector, is required to expand the existing EV infrastructure, in the wake of projected increase in EV sales in the coming years.

Highlighting the fact that Scotland presently has a total of 743 publicly-funded EV chargepoints, HSBC said that Scotland is among the top-four UK regions which boast an above-average number of public EV chargepoints per person. With the mentioned number of EV chargepoints, there are currently 7,127 people per chargepoint in Scotland.

Meanwhile, as compared to Scotland’s ‘people per chargepoint’ figures, there are 3,931 people per chargepoint in north-east England; 9,789 people per chargepoint in Northern Ireland; 17,682 people per chargepoint in London; and 98,806 people per chargepoint in Wales. Overall in the UK, there are around 17,000 people for every publicly-available EV chargepoint.

Noting that chargepoints are “a vital barometer” for the health of the EV market, Scott McClurg, HSBC Corporate Banking’s Chief of Energy & Sustainability, said that Scotland should work towards an across-the-board improvement in the volume of EV chargepoints if it is aiming at a “shift to electric vehicles in the long term.”