Report: Citroen C-Zero is most affordable used EV to run in Britain

Report: Citroen C-Zero is most affordable used EV to run in Britain

According to an analysis by automotive data specialist HPI, the most affordable used electric vehicle (EV) to run in Britain is the Citroen C-Zero. The analysis included electric cars as well as hybrids currently available in Britain.

In revealing that the Citroen C-Zero is the cheapest used EV with the lowest running costs, HPI said that its analysis for ascertaining the most affordable EV involved a calculation of the total cost of motoring for EVs. The analysis, therefore, included a number of factors, like monthly running costs, cost per mile, service and maintenance, depreciation, and insurance costs.

On the basis of its analysis, HPI found that Citroen C-Zero emerged as the most affordable used EV, with a total motoring cost of £410 per month.

The second- and third-ranking EVs in terms of lowest running costs per month respectively were the Peugeot iOn hatchback with £413 monthly running cost, and the Volkswagen e-Up with £526 monthly running cost.

The analysis by HPI is quite significant for EV buyers, because it unfolds EV maintenance information which most automakers do not generally provide to customers. The reason why automakers usually do not talk much about EV maintenance is that EVs are technically almost maintenance-free for the first 100,000 miles of running.