PSA Group plans new Business Unit dedicated to Electric Vehicles

PSA Group plans new Business Unit dedicated to Electric Vehicles

French automobile manufacturer PSA Group has revealed in a recent announcement that the company is advancing its electrification efforts by setting up a new Low Emission Vehicles Business Unit.

The announcement by PSA Group implies that the company behind the Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel/Vauxhall brands will be establishing a separate Business Unit for electric vehicles (EVs). The new Business Unit will have a global scope.

In announcing the setting up of the new Business Unit, PSA said that in the wake of the company’s scale of electrification, the new Business Unit will mainly be responsible for achieving profitable growth, as well as for contributing to the CO2 objectives of the PSA Group. Some of the other responsibilities of the new unit will be to define and deploy PSA’s electric vehicle strategy and to roll out the related products and services.

Going by the information shared by PSA, the new Business Unit will leverage all the requisite factors for delivering low-emission vehicles which meet the customers’ expectations, in line with the best-possible service standards. The unit will report to Citroen CEO Linda Jackson.

Highlighting the fact that new Business Unit will be “dedicated to electric vehicles,” PSA said in its announcement that the new unit is being created by the company “to respond to the challenges of the energy transition and to build an efficient and coherent offering of electric mobility solutions.”