Porsche shares details about specs of Taycan’s all-electric powertrain

Porsche shares details about specs of Taycan’s all-electric powertrain

German automaker Porsche has recently detailed the specifications of the electric powertrain of its forthcoming first all-electric vehicle --- the ‘Taycan’, which was earlier called Mission E. The vehicle’s powertrain is presently being tested by Porsche.

With the Taycan all-electric vehicle scheduled to hit production by late 2019, Porsche has disclosed that it has built more than 100 prototypes of the vehicle. In order to test the vehicle in excessively hot climatic conditions, the automaker is testing 21 of its camouflaged Taycan prototypes in the western region of South Africa.

Asserting that the new electric powertrain of the upcoming Taycan will undergo millions of kilometers of tests before the commencement of the vehicle’s production, Porsche has revealed that the small drive unit package of the vehicle comprises two permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM).

According to Porsche’s drive unit project leader Heiko Mayer, the two motors of the Taycan will “combine a high energy density with strong sustained performance and maximum efficiency.” The combined power output generated by the two motors will be more than 600 hp (440 kW).

Furthermore, Porsche has also disclosed that the Taycan will be equipped with the latest Li-ion battery technology, and will be able to offer a range of “over 500 kilometers” (310 miles) on a single charge. The automaker also said that its 800-volt system will give the Taycan the ability to reach a charging capacity of 350 kW.