Porsche predicts that electric cars will comprise 50% of its sales by 2025

Porsche predicts that electric cars will comprise 50% of its sales by 2025

During the course of an interview at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, Detlev von Platen -- Porsche’s Chief of Sales Division -- informed that Porsche is projecting electric cars will account for as much as 50% of the automaker’s vehicle deliveries by the year 2025.

The statement by von Platen is an apparent indication of the fact that Porsche is accelerating its switchover to electric models.

About Porsche setting a target for electrified models to comprise 50 percent of its vehicle sales, von Platen said that the latest projections mark a two-fold increase over the figures which the automaker had predicted in March with regard to the representation of electric cars in its total vehicle sales.

In addition, von Platen also said that the reason behind Porsche doubling its target for deliveries of electric cars by 2025 is that there has been a notable increase in demand for electric vehicles as a result of the availability of a wide range of electric models, along with a change in Chinese policies.

Asserting that “the train for electric mobility has well and truly left the station,” von Platen said during the interview: “China is and will remain the biggest market for electric cars for the foreseeable future.”

Automobile industry experts also feel that the demand for electric cars can pick up considerably once they become affordable and battery range improves. Consumer demand largely depends on trends and once there is higher demand for green cars, the automobile companies won’t have any option but to provide electric vehicles as per consumer demand. Other than Porsche, Nissan has also set impressive target for EV sales by year 2025.