Porsche asking for ‘20,000 kroner’ deposit for reserving Mission E in Norway

Porsche asking for ‘20,000 kroner’ deposit for reserving Mission E in Norway

As per recent reports, Porsche has started taking reservations with deposits for the production version of its Porsche Mission E concept car in Norway. The Mission E is scheduled for launch in 2019.

The move by Porsche to start taking reservations of the Mission E in Norway, almost one year ahead of its planned launched, is in line with the ongoing efforts of several automakers to gain from the increasing popularity of EVs in Norway by locking in demand for their forthcoming EVs in the country much ahead of the scheduled launch of the vehicles.

With Norway being one of the leading EV markets in the world, Porsche is giving potential EV buyers in the country a chance to reserve the Mission E by depositing 20,000 kroner.

Porsche has reportedly sent an email to a Norwegian customer who seemed interested in the Mission E at one of the dealerships. In the email, Porsche has asked the Norwegian customer to “confirm your purchase intentions through a pre-booking” for Mission E, and retain priority in the queue for the vehicle by making “an advance payment of kr 20,000, – by April 25th.”

Since Porsche has commenced the Mission E ‘reservations with deposit’ process before officially confirming the actual price of the vehicle, the deposit amount for the vehicle will be fully refunded by the company to buyers who are unhappy with the vehicle’s final price.