Plaid UI coming to Model 3/Y with FSD version 9 release: Elon Musk

Plaid UI coming to Model 3/Y with FSD version 9 release: Elon Musk

American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has announced plans to make Plaid User Interface (UI) available for the Model 3 and Model Y through the release of full self-driving (FSD) beta, dubbed FSD Version 9 (FSD9).

Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of the Palo Alto, California-headquartered EV giant, used his official Twitter account to announce that the upcoming FSD release will bring what has been referred to as a “mind of car” view, which will enable drivers to recognize digital speed signs. A new image of the so-called “mind of car” view based on the new Plaid UI has also emerged on the social networking platform.

The billionaire entrepreneur and innovator has repeated assured Tesla car owners that the big FSD Beta update would be made available to them sooner than later but folks are still waiting for the new FSD9. It is but natural for Tesla car owners to eagerly wait for the FSD9 as it will add a number of driver-assisting features to the vehicles’ systems.

Confirming Plaid UI’s availability for new EVs with FSD wide release, Musk wrote on Twitter, “Yes updated UI coming with FSD wide release. All cars with FSD computer will have new “mind of car” view. All 3/Y can be upgraded to have FSD computer.”

Even in the most recent update, Musk didn’t provide a specific timeline for the release of the much-anticipated FSD Beta update or the “download Beta button.” But, he provided an interesting detail by stating that the all-new Model S electric sedan, the Model S Plaid, and the refreshed Model S Long Range have come to market with a heavily updated interface. The statement led folks to wonder if the new Plaid UI is coming to Tesla’s new all-electric cars.

While the statement brings good news for Tesla folks, there is a big caveat. The updated UI will only be made available in EVs equipped with the FSD computer. However, if a Tesla car does not have the FSD computer; one can get it by forking out some additional dollars.

Every Tesla electric car manufactured and rolled out of the company’s production lines after April 2019 have the FSD computer as standard. On the basis of Musk’s recent statement on Twitter, it is easy to predict that the new Plaid UI will come to all of these EVs irrespective of whether or not their owners have paid for the FSD package.