PepsiCo employees get a close look at Tesla Semi during private demo event

PepsiCo employees get a close look at Tesla Semi during private demo event

Tesla Motors is already promoting its Semi electric truck to corporate clients. Several photos shared by some Texas-based members of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit forum community have revealed that Tesla showcased its Semi electric truck at a private demo event led for PepsiCo employees earlier this week.

The Semi demo event held by Tesla for PepsiCo employees was apparently a small and exclusive affair, which marked the presence of nearly 300 people. The event -- held at the landmark Reunion Tower in Texas -- was held by Tesla to give the PepsiCo employees a close look at the company’s forthcoming electric long-hauler.

One of the subreddit’s members, Ryan O’Donnell, captured a few close-up photos of the Tesla Semi electric truck parked in front of Reunion Tower. The photos give a glimpse of the exterior of the electric truck as well as its four Model 3-based electric motors. In addition, a few photos also show the brakes of the electric truck and its unbelievably low ground clearance.

PepsiCo, the renowned snack and beverage firm with a number of facilities in the Dallas region, had placed orders for 100 Tesla Semi electric trucks in December 2017. According to reports, this initial order of 100 Tesla Semi units by PepsiCo is seemingly just the beginning of the company’s changeover to a fully sustainable fleet of delivery vehicles.

Towards that end, an unnamed PepsiCo employee reportedly told O’Donnell that company plans to order many more units of the Tesla Semi electric truck in near future.