Oliver Blume: All Porsche cars could be fully electric by 2030

Oliver Blume: All Porsche cars could be fully electric by 2030

German luxury and high performance automaker Porsche has recently published a new official interview with the company’s CEO Oliver Blume. In the interview, Blume said that going by his projections, Porsche will start selling only electric vehicles from the year 2030.

Porsche has been resisting going fully electric for quite some time now, even though it has started producing plug-in hybrids. The automaker has been working on a shift to electric vehicles since the development of Porsche Mission E.

Porsche is also one of the foremost legacy automakers with aggressive electrification goals. The company had earlier asserted that it has plans underway to ensure that within a period of six years, 50% of the vehicles it produces are electric vehicles.

Against that backdrop, Blume’s recent statement that the Porsche will only sell electric vehicles beginning 2030 implies that the remaining 50% of the company’s production will be transitioned to electric vehicles over nearly seven years.

The official indications about Porsche’s likelihood of only selling electric vehicles from 2030 came from Blume in response to a question about when the company will produce “the last Porsche with a combustion engine.” In reply to the question, Blume said, “I would venture to predict that, by 2030, the sportiest Porsche will have an electric drive,” and added: “Who knows – maybe by then even our iconic sports car, the 911, will be electric.”