NZ close to its goal of having EV charging stations every 75km along state highways

NZ close to its goal of having EV charging stations every 75km along state highways

New Zealand is relentlessly working towards an electric-vehicle future, by aiming at the installation of rapid-charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) every 75km along state highways. The biggest bottleneck after higher cost of electric vehicles is the availability of charging network. As the number of electric vehicles on the road will increase in future, the charging station infrastructure will play a vital role in the development of EV market.

To achieve its goal, New Zealand needs a total of 145 EV charging stations along its highways because, according to the figures from the Ministry of Transport, the country has 10,862km of state highway.

New Zealand is quite close to achieving the goal of installing 145 EV charging stations as the number has already reached 127; out of which 97 are currently operational, while 30 are being constructed. Once the under-construction EV charging stations are up and running, the country will need only 20 more rapid-charging stations to reach its goal.

However, even as New Zealand has almost arrived at an EV future in terms of installation of charging stations nationwide, the number of EV owners in the country is fairly low. As per the statistics from not-for-profit organisation Drive Electric, there are presently around 7000 EVs on the country roads.

In an attempt to change the scenario and promote the use of EVs in the country, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is planning to acquire 48 new electric cars, which will apparently serve as a pilot for a wider rollout. The move by NZTA will also encourage other government agencies to make the switch to electric vehicles.