Norway registers record-breaking 8,034 EVs in March

Norway registers record-breaking 8,034 EVs in March

According to the latest figures hinting at the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in Norway, emission-free vehicles accounted for a significant 55.8% of all new car registrations in the country in March 2018.

With the latest figures specifically revealing that a record-high number of 8,034 emission-free vehicles were registered in Norway in March, it is apparent that the country is leading Europe, by far, in terms of transition to EVs. In fact, Norway has become a world leader for EVs in terms of per-capita electric vehicle usage.

In comparison to 8,034 EV registrations in Norway in the month of March, Finland -- with an equivalent population to Norway -- registered only 3,055 EVs for the entire year 2017.

With the adoption of EVs having witnessed a surge in Norway in recent years, experts are of the opinion that the EV-inclined scenario in the country is largely a result of a ‘carrot-and-stick’ approach followed by the authorities to incentivise EVs.

About Norway’s approach, Yoann Le Petit -- Clean Vehicles Officer at Transport and Environment -- said that the government wants all new cars sold by 2025 to be emission-free. To achieve that target, the government has imposed strict pollution limits to push automakers to produce EVs. Le Petit also added that the purchase of EVs is “a rational option for the consumer” in Norway because of “a whole set of incentives” provided by the government.