Nissan targets 1 million ‘electrified vehicles’ sales per year by 2022

Nissan targets 1 million ‘electrified vehicles’ sales per year by 2022

Japanese automaker Nissan recently announced its new ‘M.O.V.E. to 2022’ midterm plan, and asserted that the company is aiming at a yearly sales figure of 1 million ‘electrified vehicles’ by 2022.

The definition of ‘electrified vehicles’ as per Nissan’s terminology does not refer to ‘all-electric vehicles.’ The company considers ‘electrified vehicles’ to be “pure electric models or those with e-POWER powertrains.” Presently, a large segment of ‘electrified vehicle’ sales by Nissan comprises vehicles which are equipped with the company’s e-POWER powertrains, and are fully gas-powered.

The new M.O.V.E plan was announced by Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer Philippe Klein. Some of the key components of the plan include: (i) developing eight new ‘pure electric’ vehicles, (ii) launching an electric ‘kei’ mini-vehicle in domestic market, (iii) introducing a global crossover electric vehicle, (iv) launching a number of electric-vehicle brands in the Chinese market, and (v) electrifying new INFINITI models with effect from 2021 fiscal year.

In addition, the new M.O.V.E plan also includes Nissan’s efforts to introduce autonomous driving technology for 20 models in 20 markets, and to attain ‘full connectivity’ (by plan-end) for all the new Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun models sold in the company’s main markets.

Announcing Nissan’s new M.O.V.E plan, Klein said the company’s product and technology strategy is dedicated to “positioning Nissan to lead the automotive, technology and business evolution,” and to deliver ‘Nissan Intelligent Mobility,’ which would encompass “three core elements of electrification, autonomous drive, connectivity and new mobility services.”