Nissan plans to launch 8 electrified cars by 2022

Nissan plans to launch 8 electrified cars by 2022

Japanese automobile major Nissan is planning to launch 8 electrified vehicles by year 2022. The company will launch 3 new electric cars and 5 hybrid cars. Nissan management is aiming to increase the share of sales for EVs to 40 percent by March 2023. With more vehicles coming in EV segment, Nissan hopes to sell more EVs compared to conventional cars by March 2025.

The company is also planning to renovate more than 9,000 Nissan dealerships in order to improve customer service. Nissan Retail Concept, a set of makeover standards planned by Nissan marketing and support team, has been already applied to 400 Nissan dealers in 30 countries. Nissan has already introduced Nissan Retail Concept in North America, Europe and China.

Talking about Nissan’s focus on Japanese market, Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci said, "We believe our domestic market will be one of the fastest-moving toward electrification. Japan remains the center of our vision to move people into a better world."

Nissan Leaf is nearly $5,000 cheaper compared to other cars in the segment. The company is planning to improve vehicle range and keep the price affordable.

Popular EV website Electrek has posted an interesting story about traveling in Southern California with Nissan Leaf. Range anxiety is still a major issue for many people using electric vehicles and automobile companies are working on improving range for their vehicles. However, keeping the cost of vehicle low is also an important factor for automobile companies to generate higher sales.

Electrek Editor in Chief Fred Lambert tested interesting features offered by Nissan Leaf - ProPilot and e-Pedal. Lambert added, “ProPilot is a package that includes several active safety features like collision warning and lane keeping alert, but it also improves on cruise control features by adapting with the speed of traffic and automatic steering. I was fairly impressed by the overall system, but especially by the adaptive cruise control, which proved really useful in stop-and-go traffic – though it needs to be activated at speed.”

The trip was paid by Nissan Europe. You can read more about the trip at