Nissan: Next-gen Leaf is the ‘fastest selling’ EV in Europe

Nissan: Next-gen Leaf is the ‘fastest selling’ EV in Europe

According to a noteworthy assertion by Japanese automaker Nissan, the company’s next-generation Nissan Leaf is the ‘fastest selling’ electric vehicle (EV) in Europe. The new Leaf is the latest version of the best-selling zero-emissions EV in the world.

Nissan had unveiled the next-gen Leaf in 2017. The sales of the new full-fledged EV were officially commenced by Nissan in February 2018. Although the new EV did not boast some of the expected upgrades over the previous model, the cost of the new model was kept fairly low by Nissan, in an evident attempt to attract sales.

In its announcement related to the astounding sales performance of the new Leaf model, Nissan has revealed that more than 20,000 orders of the new EV have already been received by the company from across Europe. The disclosure by Nissan implies that one unit of the new Leaf is being sold every 12 minutes in Europe, thus making it the fastest-selling EV in the continent.

The stylishly-designed next-gen Nissan Leaf unfolds a whole new driving experience for its owners because it is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility which makes it a mobile power unit.

Revealing that the next-gen Leaf is “the first EV to undergo WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Testing Procedure),” Nissan said that the vehicle, on a single charge, has the capability to deliver a range of up to 258 miles in city conditions or 168 miles on the Combined Cycle.