Nissan launches new LEAF battery-replacement program

Nissan launches new LEAF battery-replacement program

Japanese automaker Nissan has announced the launch of a new program under which old battery packs of Nissan LEAF electric vehicles will be replaced with ‘refabricated’ battery packs.

While announcing the launch of LEAF battery-replacement program, Nissan said that ‘refabricated’ packs -- which can be purchased by LEAF owners to replace the existing battery packs of their vehicles -- will be available at a discounted cost as compared to the price of the new battery packs.

The launch of the LEAF battery-replacement program by Nissan comes against the backdrop of reports that some LEAF owners are seemingly experiencing significant degradation of their electric car battery packs.

Despite the fact that Nissan assures LEAF buyers that the electric car’s battery pack will have approximately 66% capacity over 100k miles/96 months, a recent study has revealed that LEAF units equipped with the original 24 kWh pack lose roughly 20% of their capacity over 60 months, while the comparatively newer 30 kWh battery pack degrades even more quickly.

Announcing that the new LEAF battery-replacement program is first being launched in Japan, Nissan said: “Starting in May, owners of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF can turn in their used batteries and, for a fee, receive refabricated ones.” The cost of the refabricated battery packs will be 300,000 yen ($2,850 USD).