New Tesla Supercharger V3 set for release in ‘late’ summer this year

New Tesla Supercharger V3 set for release in ‘late’ summer this year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently confirmed the timing for the launch of the electric vehicle manufacturer’s powerful new fast charger, the Supercharger V3. Musk said that Tesla Motors has plans underway to release the Supercharger V3 fast charger for EVs in ‘late’ summer this year.

The Supercharger V3 fast charger marks the next generation of Tesla’s DC fast-charging technology.

Musk had teased a new ‘Tesla Supercharger V3’ in December 2016, and had asserted that the automaker’s new fast charger will boast more than 350 kW power output and off-grid solar and Powerpack systems.

Since the announcement of a new ‘Tesla Supercharger V3’ by Musk, Tesla has added solar arrays and Powerpacks to some of its EV charging stations. However, there has been update to the charge rate at the automaker’s EV charging stations, which have a 145 kW capacity capped at 120 kW in EVs.

Moreover, Tesla has also made a change to its 2016-announced plans to launch for an ultra-fast charger with an output of over 350 kW. The company has stated, earlier this month, in its Q1 2018 earnings call that it will now be launching fast chargers with 200-250 kW capacity, which it claims will be two times as powerful as its existing Superchargers.