New technology may enable future electric cars to recharge “on the go”

New technology may enable future electric cars to recharge “on the go”

A team of engineers at University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering are working to develop new technology which will enable electric cars of the future to recharge wirelessly on the road.

The technology being developed by UC Boulder’s engineering team, headed by Assistant Professor Khurram Afridi, will basically give future electric cars the ability to draw wireless power straight from the plates installed on the road surface. As such, electric cars will not have halt for recharging.

The idea of developing technology for enabling future electric cars to recharge in motion is primarily based on the ‘wireless power transfer’ feature which is currently available for some small consumer devices, such as cell phones. The mentioned feature gives the devices the ability to draw energy while being placed on a specially-designed pad which is plugged into an outlet.

In an effort to replicate the ‘wireless power transfer’ capability of small devices to electric cars on the road, Afridi and his team have, in the last two years, developed a proof of concept for wireless power transfer which allows electrical energy to be transferred at incredibly high frequencies via electric fields.

According to Afridi, the technology will “enable electric vehicles to charge on the go” from the low-priced charging plates on the road which will allow the transfer of adequate amount of energy across long distances to in-motion platforms.