New image of Model Y all-electric SUV released by Tesla Motors

New image of Model Y all-electric SUV released by Tesla Motors

Electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has recently released a new image of its forthcoming Model Y all-electric compact SUV. The image, in the form of a design sketch, was released by the automaker at its shareholder meeting held recently.

The Model Y SUV still appears to be a few years away from launch because Tesla’s current focus is on the production of Model 3. Nonetheless, the automaker as well as its CEO Elon Musk has been teasing the new vehicle off and on.

The first teaser of the Model Y was released by Tesla Motors last summer. In addition, Musk had also revealed some time back that Model Y will have ‘Falcon Wing’ doors, similar to those on the Tesla Model X electric car.

Besides that information, hardly any details about the Model Y all-electric SUV have officially been shared by Tesla, although it is being projected that the new vehicle from the automaker will be a utility vehicle of the size of Model 3.

Meanwhile, going by the indications from the new Model Y design-sketch image recently released by Tesla, the windshield of the automaker’s new vehicle appears to be amazingly flat, which is generally the case with most design sketches. The design sketch does not reveal the doors of Model Y, but it does indicate that the vehicle will apparently be bulkier than Model 3.