Mister Green EV hits new milestone with 1,000 Tesla units in its fleet

Mister Green EV hits new milestone with 1,000 Tesla units in its fleet

In a move which marks a notable new milestone for The Netherlands-based electric car leasing company Mister Green EV, the company now has 1,000 units of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet.

The company achieved the new milestone this week, when it added the 1,000th unit of a Tesla electric car to its fully-electric vehicle leasing program.

The latest milestone achievement by Mister Green EV indicates that the company’s employees are putting in relentless efforts to make the leasing of EVs accessible to people who otherwise do not have easy access to an EV. As such, it is apparent that Mister Green EV is one of the prominent companies that spearheading the EV revolution in The Netherlands.

Mister Green EV has highlighted its EV-centric goals clearly in a simple mission statement which reads thus: “accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility by offering complete and reliable lease contracts for electric cars.”

The aim of Mister Green EV from the first day of its inception has been to ‘fully convert the Netherlands to electric cars.’ The country hardly had any EVs in 2008; but, presently, it has over 20,000 EVs on the roads. As a result, the country is now ranked among the world’s top progressive countries, with EVs currently comprising nearly 50% of the taxis in the country.